Gosh! Where do I start?!? Something you may want to know is my age! I am 21 years old and my passion for photography runs deep! I have been shooting since I was 13 and have always had an eye for visual appeal! From the way your significant other looks at you walking down the aisle, to the details we tend to overlook, I'm there to capture it all. All of the warm, emotional, and happy moments that together make up what falling in love is. I also want you to live in the moment and not worry about anything else while saying I DO to the love of your life. 

As far as my current life interests, I love to garden and decorate. Especially during this pandemic, I’ve been working on making my vision for my home come to life. Interior designing has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember and I've definitely had a lot more time to perfect my decorating skills. I have two cats named Willow and Ruth as well as a dog named Sasha who are the neediest and most spoiled pets everrrr. I’m a night owl and get most of my work done after 10:00pm which is something I seriously need to work on, I know!! Lol! Besides that, I love being around my family and boyfriend. They all are such huge supporters of my business and truly make me feel the happiest.

Being able to back up what I do with a degree is super important to me so I am working towards my bachelors in business. I’m currently attending Sierra College and intend to specialize in marketing when I transfer to Sacramento State. 

Thank you for reading about my not so interesting life! Now let's get back to who this is really about!! YOU!!

Jalissa Ramirez

Heyyyy!! I’m honored that you came to see who I am and what I’m about!! Here’s a little about me and my life!